Miss Ethel's Old-Fashioned Teacakes

About Us

Ethel has always loved to bake. She is well known in her family for her delicious teacakes, pies, and cakes. Whenever there is a family gathering, Ethel’s teacakes are always requested.

In the 90s, Ethel would take teacakes to work to share with co-workers. Her desserts were always a major hit. Even her boss said “You really have something”. That’s when the idea was born that she had a product that other people would enjoy. Ethel began taking orders off and on, but never thought about opening a business - she just loved to bake.

Ethel's children finally convinced her to share her baking talent with the world. Thus, in 2008, she decided to take the plunge and open her own business. Ever since, Miss Ethel’s Old-Fashioned Teacakes has been nurtured and brought to the general public.

Consistent quality made her teacakes everyone’s favorite. In fact, many of her faithful customers swear by them.

Let us cater your next special occasion. Baked with only the freshest ingredients, and a sprinkling of love, our teacakes and pound cakes are unmatched in quality, freshness, and taste.

God bless.

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